Just Some Other Blog

2 years ago, in October 2014 I built my first serious blog called “Just Some Other Blog” with the tagline “random thoughts of a random girl”. But on October 2016, I somehow lost access to it. So this page is basically a backup of that blog.

I deliberately try not to come across any of my past work. Hence compiling these posts was a very cringy task.  I lost most posts and most of it does not make much sense. But because I poured my effort into them, I let them occupy a teeny-tiny space here. Plus, these are living, breathing proofs that you don’t have to be good to get started.


He sits there staring at the rain
He folds his eyes that were once mirthful
But now has a heart where the nightmares rule
He gives you consolation when he himself needs
Deep down he is broken but you see him on his feet
They see the ‘brave’ masked him. Strong he stands
But then he realizes its still in his hands
He scripts on dews all of his sorrows and pain
Out with the water they are deemed to drain
His grief, miles under the soil he buries
Stamps them on the ground along with his miseries
So no more is he walking on the edge of a knife
For once more spring is coming back into his life
He has started living
A jovial grin is replacing
This broken smile

She sits there staring at the rain
Her mild curls hide her face
Making the reality hard to trace
Her eyes laced with soft lashes unfurl
Letting go of the worthless drops of pearl
Her tender lips are tired of silent screams
She is calling out for someone it seems
And the rough navy shawl she is draped in
Covers the scars on her youthful skin
The marks of cuts across her wrist
Give you a clue that she is sad at least
The emptiness in her heart is cold and bitter
For sure her life is welcoming an eternal winter
She has started dying
No longer can she hold on
This broken smile

And who would believe that they had spent their pasts together
Unaware of the cruelty and harshness of the changing weather
But who knows, they might get to be together
Someday, somewhere, somehow despite of the changing weather
That is if true love still dwells in their hearts for each other.


The grave is his yet the death hers
Each second rolling by is now a curse
All she hears are dreadful cries
Drops of tears that escape her eyes
And her senses make her realize
That those dreadful cries are her own
Now not to a single living soul she is known
Every look at the words written on his stone
Darkens her love and deepens her hatred
Maybe his silence was the farewell he bade
Or maybe he was being true to what he said
That he would never say goodbye
And he left without saying so.

Shivers run down her spine
Slowly her life has started to incline
A little more towards the finishing line


A broken mirror, a bleeding fist
A silver blade against a wrist
An insane grin on the face
A dried pair of eyes fixing a gaze
One cut, two cuts, three cuts, four…
Streams of blood stain the floor
Death is knocking at her door
But staying alive kills her more

***I don’t practice, encourage or promote any form of self harm. This is just creative writing***